We ignite community-driven transformation

We are a nonprofit working to bring better livelihoods to coffee farming communities.

an empowered farmer empowers a community

We ignite community-driven transformation.

Although our work is classified as community development, we prefer the term community empowerment. Our farmers are the heroes – empowering them as leaders is the catalyst that leads to true, lasting community transformation.

Building an Ecosystem

We’ve created a platform that connects the best in the marketplace with the best in philanthropy. Bringing specialized teams alongside our farmers creates a vehicle for effective community-driven development.



Raising up the next generation of leaders with a “pay it forward” mentality.


Maximize people’s ability to do more with what financial resources they have.


Mobilize and equip communities to identify and execute sustainable improvements to education, healthcare, access to clean water, sanitation, and other advancements.


Equip farmers to maximize yields and quality, reduce costs, diversify incomes, and implement best practices in farm management.


Promote best practices of land usage, reforestation, soil and water care, waste management, greenhouse gas reduction, sustainable farming practices, and efficient energy usage.

An NGO with a built-in market solution to poverty

Thrive Farmers helps thousands of farmers earn higher, more stable coffee prices and avoid the volatile commodities market. 

By working with Thrive Farmers’ supply chain, ThriveWorx is one of the only NGOs in the world that has a built-in market solution to improve livelihoods anywhere we work. We leverage this economic engine to bring about community transformation in underserved communities.

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