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changing the way the world fights poverty

We are a collective impact nonprofit that exists to help farming communities to thrive.

We are all designed to thrive.

Thriving is not a measure of wealth or any single quantifiable measure. Rather, it is a state of being when we are enabled to live out our design in strong community for the good of ourselves and others.


It is a true state of flourishing.


Building an Ecosystem

We’ve created a platform that connects the best in the marketplace with the best in philanthropy. Bringing specialized teams alongside our farmers creates a vehicle for effective locally-led development.



We help transformational leaders realize their unique design and innate talents, equipping them to use their influence for the good of others.


We work to create an inclusive economy by equipping communities with employable skills and improved financial literacy.


We work with communities to improve infrastructure, accessibility, and quality of local education so that kids can maximize their potential.


We partner with communities to enable them to steward a vibrant and healthy environment.


We work to bolster the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of a community.

There is no such thing as a simple solution to poverty

Thrive Farmers and ThriveWorx create sustainable solutions to poverty through a collective impact model that combines the efforts of business and philanthropy.



We let Thrive Farmers lead the way leveraging the supply chain as a force for good.


We unite and empower local leaders to develop and implement holistic community development plans.


We rally the best do-gooders on the planet to help make it happen.



100% of all donations directly support programs because Thrive Farmers generously covers our overhead.


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