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We’re on a mission to change the way the world fights poverty, and are so glad that you’ve decided to join usAs part of our team, we want to walk you through what makes our development model so unique, why the marketplace plays such a central role, and how your specific project fits into the big picture. 


collective impact


col·lec·tive im·pact

(disruptive) the act of bringing together organizations and institutions that have different roles and strengths – but that have aligned interests – and harnessing them to more effectively achieve a specific outcome.

(see also: transformational, efficient, solves poverty)

We empower people and institutions to solve big problems and enable human flourishing.

Human flourishing is not a measure of wealth or any single quantifiable measure. Rather, it is a state of being when we are enabled to live out our design in strong community for the good of ourselves and others. When we flourish, we thrive.

Our Model

ThriveWorx is an innovative nonprofit that works in some of the poorest farming communities around the globe to create customized and sustainable solutions to poverty. Our collective impact model harnesses the power of the marketplace not only to transform farming communities, but to transform the way the world fights poverty. 

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The marketplace is at the base of our strategy. We work through corporate supply chains that create economic opportunity and relational capital in marginalized communities. 


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We unite and empower local leaders to develop and implement holistic community development plans. We believe that the people most qualified and capable of driving change in a community are people from that community.

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We integrate the best of nonprofit, church, and governments to expedite, sustain, and expand transformation.

Why is the market so important?

We believe economic opportunity is the foundation upon which all truly sustainable development depends. Yet, it is often the missing link from international development efforts. 

Higher incomes, managed better, lift both the recipient families and the broader community. In fact, according to a 2019 University of California Berkeley study, for every additional dollar a farmer earns, $2.50-$2.75 of impact is created for the community as the farmer hires workers, purchases supplies, and spends additional earnings within the community. 

Helping farmers earn better incomes is not enough, on its own, to address the deep structural forces that contribute to cycles of generational poverty. That’s where ThriveWorx comes in. Strategically embedded inside the supply chain of Thrive Farmers1, we are able to combine the efforts of business and philanthropy in a model of collective impact. Thrive Farmers leads the way by creating sustainable livelihoods for farmers in the most underdeveloped countries of the world. Then, ThriveWorx helps entire communities leverage the impact from Thrive Farmers to drive holistic community transformation.  

We’ve proven this concept using the coffee supply chain, and dream of what our model could do in other supply chains. 

Sustainable Development

You’ll notice we use the word “empower” a lot. That’s because we believe the best solutions to poverty come from those very communities that are affected by itWe also believe that every community has innate strengths and assets that can fuel those solutions. Our strategy is to walk alongside communities and local leaders; help them recognize and build on their strengths; and follow their lead as they use those strengths to set and implement their own development plans. By equipping communities to drive their own development, they are invested in the outcomes and sustain change long after we’ve left.  

When we partner with a community, we partner deeply, listening closely and cultivating relationships over years of working together. Through this process, we’ve identified five pillars that comprise a thriving community. All of our work advances one or more of the following areas: economics, transformative leadership, health & wellness, education, and environmental stewardship. 

The project you’re working on may last a few days, but it fits carefully into a greater development plan designed by the community, for the community. After you leave, we’ll continue walking alongside the community in pursuit of its next objectives 

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