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The following are general travel guidelines for your upcoming trip to Guatemala with ThriveWorx. If you're traveling to the region of Huehuetenango, be sure to also read the Huehue Travel Guide in addition to the general Guatemala information shared on this page.

Specific information regarding your stay, including itinerary and other details, will be sent to you in separate documents prior to your arrival. For additional questions regarding information in this document, please contact the Team Leader from the organization with which you are traveling. 

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Traveling to Huehuetenango?

The information that follows on this page is applicable to travel anywhere in Guatemala. If you're headed specifically to Huehuetenango, we've got some additional recommendations for your visit. Read up using the button below.

Documentation & Arrival

Phone, Internet, & Communication

Money Matters

Health & Medical

Safety & Security

Cultural Do's & Don't's

Transportation & Lodging

If you are going to Huehuetenango, make sure you review related info on this page.

What do I pack?

In packing, you’ll want to account for the weather and terrain you’ll be encountering in Guatemala.

Guatemala has two seasons: dry and rainy. Dry season typically runs November through April, while rainy season typically runs May through October. When packing, keep in mind that even during dry season, it will rain, so be prepared. Though temperatures are hot and humid during the day, they drop somewhat at night. Highland areas will be chillier than lowland areas.

Aside from your standard toiletries, electronics, etc., we’d recommend including the following in your packing list. We advise against packing valuables whenever possible. If you plan to purchase anything in Guatemala, make sure to leave room in your suitcase!


Food & Water


Tap water in Guatemala is not safe for visitors to drink. Tap water must be boiled or purified in order to be consumed safely. Therefore, we strongly recommend you drink only bottled/purified water. Bottled water is easily available for purchase at hotels, corner stores, etc.

Most nicer restaurants will also use purified water to make their ice; however, if you are unsure or want to be really cautious, you can order your drinks without ice.

Food to Try

  • Tropical fruits and vegetables that have been washed in filtered water
  • Tortillas (hand-made corn)
  • Fried plantains
  • Refried red beans – served commonly at breakfast
  • Tamales – corn dough stuffed with meat & veggies, wrapped in banana leaves, and steam-cooked)
  • Pupusas – thick corn tortillas filled with beans, pork, cheese, veggies, etc.

Food to Avoid

  • Street food from questionable street vendors
  • Unwashed or unpeeled raw fruits and vegetables
  • Drinks and ice made with tap/well water
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